Week 27 The underground by Alex O’ C

A man named Gary and his friend Lee were sitting down by the fire when the ground went from under them. They were covered in mud and when they got up it was very dark. Suddenly, the lights came on and then they got knocked out. When they woke up, no one was there. Then a voice said, ‘find all the keys, there are six in total’. Eventually, they found one and asked ‘was this really the only one?’ They decided that they needed to get out. Then they found four more and couldn’t find the last key even though they had searched everywhere…

One thought on “Week 27 The underground by Alex O’ C”

  1. Hello Alex,
    What a mystery! Your story, though short, has a lot of information in it due to your choice of words- you say a lot in a small amount of words, if that makes sense?
    The fact that the ground went from under them leaving them covered in mud suggests to me that they are outdoors? Possibly by a campfire? Maybe they are camping? Were they far from home? They didn’t see anyone else but I got the feeling someone was watching them. What will happen if they don’t find the last key?!
    Great suspense! Your use of dialogue and punctuation marks were very well done, maith thú.
    Múinteoir Mairéad (Team 100 Ireland)

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