Week 28 Mega Shark by Dylan

Yes, I have created a new species of shark by adding the DNA of a Megalodon I found in a prehistoric mosquito and inserted it into the body of a Great White Shark. The baby of the female Great White is the size of her mother.

My friend Freddie was feeding my mega shark when he fell into the tank. The Mega shark immediately shot like a rocket towards him and bit his leg. At first Freddie was bleeding and screaming but then he started changing. His teeth grew the size of daggers, he grew a fin and gills and jumped out of the tank , jumped at me and sunk his teeth deep into my neck.






2 thoughts on “Week 28 Mega Shark by Dylan”

  1. Hi Dylan

    I really enjoyed your story this week .

    Your story is like an nightmare .

    What happened when mega bit you

    hope you keep up the great work

    From Sean

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