Week 28: The Heart of the Tsunami: Liam A

It was the day Jake, Robert and I were going to a planet that nobody else had ever been to. It was 500,000 miles left of the Sun. We were all shaking with fear. If one thing went wrong we would destroy everyone’s hopes for the mission. The power was held in our hands.

The rocket was being lined up for lift off.  We all went into the changing room to get ready for space. The realization hit me at that moment. This rocket was the fastest rocket in the world. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift off. We were in the air and a little over a year later, we were there. At long last! The place was wet and soggy. When we got off, we looked around. “It’s a TSUNAMI, RUN!”. What will happen next?

4 thoughts on “Week 28: The Heart of the Tsunami: Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam

    I liked your story because it was like no others story.
    Did NASA Know you were going there?
    How did you get the fastest rocket?
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyces Class

  2. Hi Liam A,
    I found your story interesting,
    Why didn’t you scan the landscape before landing,
    Goodbye from Szymon,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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