Week 28 The Ratspunks by Aidan

“Open the cage”, I said, looking straight at the Rat-spunk. It was a beastly thing made in the lab. Ever since we made the first one, it had given birth to more. The cage slowly opened, the Rat-spunk crawled out. “Okay you can touch it now”, I whispered. “Slowly Ryan, slowly”, I said, as he edged towards it. “Ryan, it’s growling step away from it!”. It was too late, it had bit him. His face began to wrinkle, his teeth grew into daggers and his face turned red. Suddenly, Ryan jumped onto the test tubes, smashing them all. Glass dug into his body. All of the Rat-spunks had escaped and they were quickly vanishing. Before long, they were all gone. As Ryan jumped at me, I grabbed a bat and swung it. All that was left was Ryan’s unconscious body.

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