Week 28 The Ratsters By Colin

I was standing in front of the cage. “Deep breaths” called Professor Newton from the corner of the lab. I slowly unwrapped the metal string that was connecting the door to the cage. I dropped the piece of metal to the floor and took the cage door off. The ratster climbed out of the cage. I took the syringe from my pocket. Swiftly stabbing the back of the ratster, I took a sufficient amount of fluid from it’s body. It collapsed onto the counter. “Is it dead?”, I asked. “I’m not sure!, replied Professor. At that moment, the creature slid onto the floor leaving a trail of liquid. Suddenly, the liquid started to pop and move closer to me before I was smothered in the slime. I could not breathe…

3 thoughts on “Week 28 The Ratsters By Colin”

  1. HI Colin
    Unusual way to end your story …I could not breathe…
    You are a really good writer can’t for more
    Ireland,Co. Cork Ciaran

  2. Hi Colin,
    What is a ratster,
    Why did you stick a syringe into it,
    Goodbye from Szymon,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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