Week 29 My Birthday by Benny

August 22

I woke up at 7:30 on Monday and I was so excited! It was my birthday. I rushed downstairs and gobbled down my breakfast. I had to wait for my sister to wake up which took a while. My present was quite big. I opened it and saw a baby giraffe! He looked at me and smiled. We went to a cafe afterwards. We left the giraffe at home. I had greasy fries with a salty burger. For dessert, I had a melted brown chocolate ice-cream. When we came home the house was a mess. We couldn’t find the giraffe. We had left the window open!

One thought on “Week 29 My Birthday by Benny”

  1. Hi Benny,
    I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
    I loved the idea of getting a baby giraffe as a present…until it messed up the house! There will be no giraffes in my house!
    Good work this week.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


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