Week 29 Restaurant By Conor H

“Yuck” I shout as a greasy cooked giraffe appears on my plate for starters. Eating this was really hard as it was tasteless without any flavouring in it so I put some brown salt on it and it actually tasted quite good.

Now I am waiting for the main course and I think I am going to vomit.

Here is the melted spider on my plate, I am about to throw it over my head but then my dessert comes out and it is ice cream, finally back to normal.

One thought on “Week 29 Restaurant By Conor H”

  1. Hi Conor,
    I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
    I hope that isn’t any of the restaurants in Kanturk… If it is, you need to tell me – so I can steer clear of it. Melted Spider really doesn’t appeal to me!
    Good work this week.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


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