Week 29 School tour by Rhys

One Friday morning, I was extremely happy because I had a school tour that day. Before we went, our teacher asked, ‘What animal do you want to see the most?’.  I said a giraffe. Then we got on the bus and when we arrived we got some time to eat. I got chips with salt and a Coca Cola. The chips were so greasy! Then my friends ice cream melted. John brought his soccer ball so we played a game. Suddenly, the ball went into the rhino cave. I told my teacher that I saw a big brown giraffe. “Look at the penguins Miss” said one of the boys. “I see a train teacher, can we go on it” I pleaded. She said we could. “Look boys, I see monkeys eating bananas!” “Those flamingos are sleeping!” Then, we went to the shop where I bought a brown toy monkey before we went home.

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