Week 3 Going to school by David HY.

One morning, Rory was getting his bright yellow bike out of the shed. He was going to cycle to school. He got up on the bike and rode down the big hill his house was on. After a while he felt cold. So he stopped off at a shop and greedily bought two hot chocolates. He put one in the cup holder while he gulped down the other. Soon he met a garda. The garda said not to cycle on the road. But as soon as the garda was out of sight he went off on the bike. He was desperate to get to school. Finally he got there. But when he got there it was 9.30!  The teacher warned him not to do it again.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 Going to school by David HY.”

  1. David- I always an running late so I can relate to the buy in the story. I wonder what a garda is? We must use a different word here in the US.
    Great story, gotta go I’m late!
    McBreezy #team100wc Los Angeles

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