Week 3 Spaceship Time by Nikodem

Once I was watching the news and I saw that there was an unknown planet in space so I went to my tiny garage and built a big rocket ship. It only took five minutes to make. I asked my friends if they wanted to come and they all said yes. We all went into the rocket and when everyone was ready I launched it. We had a lot of supplies. Three days later we where finally there. We got out and we didn’t need spacesuits but there was still no gravity. We all jumped around and performed tricks. Then we started to explore the hills and mountains. Suddenly, we stumbed across these weird blackish rocks. Then we saw aliens. We ran over and said ‘hello’. They said ‘hi’. We asked them the name of the planet and their reply was a mumble. We all looked at them in confusion. When I asked my friends to join me on my adventure, they never should have said yes!