Week 3 The Bouncy Castle by Ashton

One day, we were going swimming but we didn’t want to leave our dog at home. She was scraping at the door so we brought her with us. That was the mistake we made! We were driving along when we realised that dogs can’t go to public pools. We didn’t want to ruin the day so we searched for some where else to go. We found ‘Bounce City’. We went in but my parents never should have said yes. The place was huge! It had ten bouncy castles so we brought the dog on. It was fun for a while until we lost the DOG!! We were freaking out! Suddenly, a bouncy castle deflated! We knew where she was! We found her but we were fined 400 euro! We were furious but we knew we were wrong. We might plan a trip back there, if they allow us back in!!