Week 3 The Happy Meal by Dylan

One day, I walked over to the bike shop and saw a really cool bike so I robbed it. I cycled over to Mc Donald’s and I said I would get a happy meal but I had no money. Then a two year old bit my foot and 100000000000 euro fell out of his mouth. So I went over to a worker and asked for a happy meal and he said yes. So I sat down and ate the happy meal. But afterwards he said it was fake money so I ran. The man looked so desperate for the money. I know I acted greedily but I had to. THE END.

One thought on “Week 3 The Happy Meal by Dylan”

  1. I imagine my children would agree with how you ‘had to’ steal the bike and eat the Happy Meal in your story. They often say they ‘had to’ do things as well. It was a good way of tying the prompt words together to write your story.
    Michelle, Melbourne, Australia

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