Week 3 The haunted house of bodies by Rian

One day, Zac, Dylan, Daniel and I were in the woods exploring. While we were walking we fell one by one and we fell 1000,000,000 metres. We hit the floor. Then we were knocked out. Two hours later… We woke up and we saw yellow sheets and we lifted one up. We saw a body. Then we saw a lot of freaky stuff. We went to a different room and we saw a ghostly girl on a bicycle and she asked ‘do ye want to be my friends?’ and we ran out of the room. When we got out of the room, we saw a sign. It said be warned and a ghost appeared and said greedily you are back home and we were back home. THE END.

3 thoughts on “Week 3 The haunted house of bodies by Rian”

  1. Dear Rian,
    I love the use of dialogue and the creativity of your story. I also love for the dialogue, how you sort of included how she sounds and talks. The use of the prompt words blended together so nicely, and fit into the spooky story perfectly

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