Week 3 The Puddle By Brian OK.

One day, I was at my friend James’ house. The weather was desperate but we wanted to go outside. I hopped on my bicycle and James did too. Just before we went, James’ mom warned us to not step in the yellow puddle. ‘That’s a myth’, I said to James. Time went by and we got hungry. We stopped at a shop and I picked up an icecream. The shop keeper said greedily, ‘you cant have that’. We left and kept on cycling. Suddenly James stopped. ‘Keep on going’, I said. Then we saw a stranger creeping up behind us and we were captured. We were taken to his celler and tortured there. He told us that if we solved the riddle he would set us free. There were three keys. A grey one, a red one and a gold one. The riddle was, yerkde wlsseit free. Red key will set you free. Would you have survived?…..

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