Week 30 Jaws by Dylan

To celebrate Shark Week, Fota Wildlife Park got a great white shark called Jaws.

My mom is taking my friend Gerald and I to see it!

On the way I brought my tablet and we watched the film Jaws to get pumped up for the shark.

When we arrived there it was packed.

We saw a lot of animals before the shark like giraffes zebras cheetahs and bison.

The cheetahs were cool because they were so fast.

When we got to the shark a bird pooped on my head.

Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stop laughing in time to see the shark break the glass behind him……..

One thought on “Week 30 Jaws by Dylan”

  1. Gosh Dylan, what an exciting 100WC you have written. You have described the zoo in wonderful detail and clearly explained why the zoo had a shark. I wonder what will happen now the shark has broken the glass. Surely that will stop Gerald laughing!

    Mrs P, Team 100WC
    Wellington, New Zealand

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