Week 31 A Whale of an Attraction By Dylan

Yes! I have completed my beautiful roadside attraction.

First it looks like a guitar with “Beatz” headphones but if you press a button on it, it turns into a colossal Orca (Killer Whale) tank.

But one day it went wrong….

It started off like a normal day .

A little boy called Chris walked up to my attraction with a baseball bat and started hitting it .

I swiftly ran over to him and gave out to him.

“Don’t do that”, I said sternly to him.

But it turns out it was a trick because my tank was gone and so was Chris….



One thought on “Week 31 A Whale of an Attraction By Dylan”

  1. Hi Dylan that was a good story I wonder what happens next. Is Chris a ghost? Keep up the work and please comment on my story.
    4th class
    St Colmans BNS

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