Week 31 The Anchor by Rhys

‘What is that?’, I said confused. ‘It’s an anchor!’, said Chris. His dad owns the ship so he thinks he can bully us. The cabin boys stopped to get the anchor. Some of the cabin boys got off, I got off and my friend Ryan helped me. At that time, there was a war. ‘That’s why I’m here, it’s WW2’, said Ryan. He told me that we were in Germany. My mom lived in England and she told me to find a boat and go on it. I did. I found a boat and a bullet barely passed me. I saw another boat and quickly hopped on it. The End.

One thought on “Week 31 The Anchor by Rhys”

  1. Hi Rhys.
    I like the way you added ww2.
    You must have been very lucky the bullet barely went passed you.
    Great story!
    From Adam

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