Week 31 The Boring Treasure By Evan

“Ah here me mateys, I see the island” “WE ARE HERE MY PIRATES.” they exclaimed as everybody swiftly got off the ship. Suddenly, right before we were going to go look for the treasure, one of my pirates said there was a fire. I stood calmly as everyone else panicked in fear. “Stop!” I said. We slowly continued to look for the treasure. We found it really fast. Suspiciously, I went to the middle of the red circle and dug it up but it was all just for a guitar but then I heard more cries in the distance. “FIRE!”…

2 thoughts on “Week 31 The Boring Treasure By Evan”

  1. Hey Even
    Great story I liked the fact that in the end there was fire and a cliff hanger
    From Joe

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