Week 31 The creepy castle by Donagh

When I woke up, I was in this tiny room with one small window that was too small to go through but I tried anyway. When I wasn’t able to get out that way, I tried the door and to my surprise it opened. It was even more surprising that there were no guards or traps so I went into another room with a lamp in my hand. There was no one there either. I decided to continue on and go into another room and another. There was no one there and finally I found a window. I climbed out and the moon was behind this creepy tree and I made my way back home.

One thought on “Week 31 The creepy castle by Donagh”

  1. Where are all the people? I love spooky stories and yours has me looking over my shoulder. I also like that I can create a visual map in my head of your character trying to find a way out and don’t we all want to end up safe and secure at home? I hope they make it.

    McBreezy Team 100 Los Angeles California

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