Week 31 The Old Anchor By Ronan

I stood there looking at the old anchor off the old yacht, my old yacht. A long long time ago when we were cruising along the Mediterranean sea, I spotted something washed up on the beach. It looked like the ruins of my friends old boat that had sank in the gulf of Finland which is a long distance from the south of Italy. My body kept asking my mind questions like how did it get here? Was it some sort of a coincidence? Did it mean something?. I rang my friend to tell him but he didn’t answer. Suddenly, I saw a head in the water, my friends head!!! I got such a shock that I leaped out of the boat. My friends body hopped onto the boat and crashed it.

2 thoughts on “Week 31 The Old Anchor By Ronan”

  1. Hi Ronan very good I like the idea of the sea and boats and Finland Sean4th class ST COLMANS BNS

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