Week 31 The old tree by Jayden

One day I was camping with my friend. We were walking up a hill when we saw an old tree. Then we saw the moon hiding behind the old tree. We took a picture of it. I said to my friend we should try and sell it. We advertised the picture and the sale price was 5,000euro. Suddenly one morning there was a knock on the door. There was a man with the money asking if I was the person selling the picture of the painting of the moon behind the old tree. I said ‘yes I am indeed that person’. He gave me the money and went off with his painting.

The End.

One thought on “Week 31 The old tree by Jayden”

  1. Hi Jayden,
    My students taught me to say, “Que sueno!” Which means what luck in Spanish. Your character seems quite lucky and talented to me. That is a lot of money. Guess what I’m doing tonight? Taking pictures of the moon, stories do come true, right?

    McBreezy Team 100 Los Angeles Ca

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