Week 32 Avicii Marsh Walker by Aidan

It is Friday! The new DJ is in town and his name is Avicii Marsh Walker. Once again, my annoying little sister wants to come and she is getting all excited. There is no way that she is coming. For the concert they even built a new hall. As I was leaving, Rose grabbed on to my arm. She started crying, kicking and screaming. I was going to be late and I knew it. I grabbed my scooter and tried to drag her across the ground. I was never ever going to see the awesome transparent walls at the concert. Ugh this isn’t fair!

One thought on “Week 32 Avicii Marsh Walker by Aidan”

  1. Hi Aidan
    I loved the story and strong words
    I liked the way you used the word rose as a name.
    Bye for now

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