Week 32 Late for school by Conor H

‘Wake up, wake up’ was all I heard while I was lying in my bed. ‘You are late for school!’. So I got up, had my breakfast and jumped on my scooter to get to school.

At school, we were in the middle of our science class which was all about transparent objects.

‘There goes the bell’, I thought and we all ran out of school. I hopped onto my scooter again and made my way home.

When I arrived home I noticed there was something hanging from the door. There was a rose, which was kind of weird…..

5 thoughts on “Week 32 Late for school by Conor H”

  1. To Conor I really like your story because of the strong words .
    I wonder why that rose was on your door .
    Please comment on my stories.


  2. Hi Conor, I wonder where the rose came from? Great Story! from Benny 4th class, St Colmans B.N.S

  3. Hi Conor
    I loved your story!
    Why were you so late getting up?
    Great words and were did the rose come from? Does it mean something?
    I wonder if it does is it a sign or a symbol?
    I would love to hear a part two.
    Great story!

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