Week 32 Runaway by Timmy

One creepy night, I woke up and I heard glass being broken. It was Robert with a gun. I alerted my family and we all ran away and we disappeared into the night. However, we were found and taken away into the cold. We woke up and were freezing, shook to the core. We planned to start up a fire but we ran away again. Then, we found a camera and smashed it to pieces. We went to sleep in an old abandoned house because we were really hungry and numb with the cold. We heard another sound and we ran away yet again. We were never seen again. I am sure people searched for us but we were never found.

One thought on “Week 32 Runaway by Timmy”

  1. Hi Timmy,
    What a tragic story! I liked your choice of words like ‘alerted’ and phrases like ‘numb with cold’. Great writing. Keep it up!
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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