Week 32. The loss of Atlantes. By Daniel.

No one knows where the island of Atlantes is right know and everyone just says that a tsunami hit it and caused the island to sink. But I am going to tell you a story of how I thought Atlantes sunk to its death. It all started in the markets in the city. People were going mad because there was a shortage of food. The only food that existed was farm grown food like carrots, potatoes and turnips. Some people wanted to eat other food so they started to heist farms and killed the cows for meat. The king of Atlantes could not stop the robbers and farmers hence they went out of control and a war started. There was only one way to stop this war.The king got his trident and said “should I really do this”? and he struck his trident and the island sunk into the sea…

One thought on “Week 32. The loss of Atlantes. By Daniel.”

  1. I love the imagination that has gone in to this story, Daniel. You have thought it through so well and it all ends very effectively with the prompt. I particularly like the way you take your readers in to your confidence by saying that you will explain a story that no one else knows. You are very good at setting the scene by saying ‘It all started in the markets in the city’. That seems really normal, yet by the end of the story the island has disappeared! Great contrast.

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