Week 32 The Rose by Warren

It was a normal day and Jake was going to school on his scooter. He passed the houses and drove down the street. It was a beautiful dry morning. Jimmy loved this because he could see all the nature. He was passing through the park when he thought he had seen a transparent rose. He kept going to see from a different angle and then he saw it was. He excitedly ran over. But he spent so long looking at it that he remembered he could be late. He took the rose with him. Later that day he sat staring at it but nothing happened. He thought that it was useless. Later that year, he had THE BEST LUCK EVER!

One thought on “Week 32 The Rose by Warren”

  1. Hi Warren
    I liked your story espaically the part were he found the transparent rose.
    But what was the best luck ever.
    Bye for now,
    Conor H

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