Week 32 The Special Rose By Colin

I smashed the glass. I don’t know what I was doing. I just took the transparent rose and ran. I could hear the security roaring at me. I sprinted out of the marble entrance to the grand museum. I took a scooter that I saw out of the corner of my eye. I eventually got to MR BIG’S house. The most evil crime lord. I excitedly opened the 24 carrot gold door to see his two ugly security guards at the door. “YOUR LATE“ he bellowed. I could smell the coffee in his breath. I walked inside the mansion and went to the living room. There he stood… MR BIG. Rumor has it that he can make a grown man cry. Was this a mistake?…

One thought on “Week 32 The Special Rose By Colin”

  1. Colin, this is a really action packed 100WC! I can easily visualise the transparent rose and now I am wondering why it was so important to Mr Big! You have brought the story to life using wonderful adjectives. Well done.

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