Week 32 The Stolen Scooter by Sean

On October 15 my mom bought me a new scooter. I was so excitedly happy. It is my friend’s birthday today. My mom gave me a card for my friend and the card had a rose on it. ‘I really hope I am not late’, said Tom. The party was on at 2 o’ clock and ended at 5 o’ clock. I was playing on my PS4 until the party started. The party was about to start so I went on my scooter to the party. When I got there, I left my scooter outside of my friend’s house. When the party was over, my scooter was missing. I went around asking my friends if they saw it. None of them saw it and I never found it.

One thought on “Week 32 The Stolen Scooter by Sean”

  1. Hi Sean
    Your story is very good.
    I like the amount of detail used.
    From Ronan
    Fourth class Kanturk BNS

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