Week 33 Anonymous by Warren

It was a late Sunday night. My friend and I had school the next day but we still stayed up late. We watched a horror movie called “Anonymous”. It was about a man who no one knew and he wore a blue hat. He snuck into peoples houses and placed his hat on their tables and if you touch it, he would murder you. That night when we finished the movie, we were too scared to go to sleep so we talked all night. The next day in school we were telling our friends about it. After school, I walked home with my friend. When I arrived at home, I saw a blue hat on the table  “Why was that hat on the table?” I thought.  I rang my friend but it wasn’t him who answered …

One thought on “Week 33 Anonymous by Warren”

  1. Hi Warren I love your story but I am not so sure about the horror movie it sounds kind of scary.
    Good use of words!
    Bye for now Conor

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