Week 33 John Padesco by Dylan

Today in school, we learned about a murderer with a deformed face who lived around the 1990s called John Padesco.

He killed over 80 people between 1990 and 2007 and always wore the same brown hat covered in blood.

The last thing his victims ever saw was him staring in their window.

He was finally caught in 2008 and executed for his troubles.

His body was put in a coffin when his family hosted a funeral.

But some people at his funeral noticed he wasn’t wearing his hat.

That night, I saw a brown hat on the table.

Why was that hat on the table ?

Then I heard knocking on the window and saw a deformed face staring in …

Then I felt something being driven through my chest……


One thought on “Week 33 John Padesco by Dylan”

  1. Hi Dylan
    I wonder why the hat was on the table and what was the thing on your chest was it your sister having a pillow fight against you with her unicorn teddy great story Dylan
    4th class
    St Colmans BNS
    From Aidan

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