Week 33 The Hole BY Donagh

Last night, my friend and I were walking along the road when we fell into a hole and the deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Eventually, somebody found us but they kidnapped us and locked us in a room with no windows. Just a door that they had already locked. After about an hour, we started making a plan. We said that when they gave us lunch we would break out. But when they gave us lunch, they wouldn’t let us out of the room! The lunch was amazing and I really wanted more. We had made a back up plan to squeeze through the bars and break out a window and that’s what we did. A lucky escape!

One thought on “Week 33 The Hole BY Donagh”

  1. I like the way your short story has plenty of action and suspense, Donagh. I also like the contrast between being locked up and having a nice lunch. It does not all have to be bad! I also like the way you keep your reader guessing whether or not there will be an escape right to the very end.

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