Week 33 The Mystery by Liam O

“Hey.” said Roberto. “Yes.” replied Sergio “Did you hear the people that went missing?” Roberto added. “Yeah, I’m starting to get scared because what if I go missing next?” said Sergio terrifyingly. “Anyway, bye” Sergio waved and Roberto waved back. 30 minutes later, “Wait why is that hat on the table?” he thought. “MOM! why was that hat on the table?” shouted Roberto. “What hat?” she replied “The hat on the table!” he said angrily. “Oh that hat! I found it on the footpath.”she said realising what he said. “Why wouldn’t you bring it to the police or just leave it there… Wait, what is that noise?” he said. “What noise”? she said curiously. “The noise. It is coming from the kitchen table. RUN!” he exclaimed. Just then, the hat exploded. Roberto and his mother were never seen again…

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