Week 34 The Forest By Tom

The adventure began when my brother and I were staying at my grandparents house for the weekend. We decided to go for a walk with Grandad in the woods after supper. It took him ages to get out of his old chair by the fireplace. As we walked, we could see all the vibrant colours from the day in the sky above, pink and orange glows from the setting sun. Suddenly, something ran out in front of my Grandad’s path. It nearly tripped him. ‘Look!’, said Grandad. ‘It’s a raccoon!’ I had never seen one so close to the house before. When my brother and I got back to the house, we made a plan to catch him in a box with a leaf in it so we put the box out in the woods and went to sleep. In the morning, our work paid off. We caught a raccoon!

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