Week 34 The Virus BY Donagh

Today I was watching television when BREAKING NEWS came up on screen. It was about a new virus that was at the top of the country. A few hours later, the virus came to us but I was outside going for a walk and didn’t know. A couple of minutes passed when a box dropped from a tree and out came a racoon. It bit me in the nose and I started feeling dizzy. There was a chair near by so I sat down and slowly drifted to sleep. A few more hours passed and when I woke up there was a leaf on me. It was night time now and I looked up at the sky and….CRASH!

One thought on “Week 34 The Virus BY Donagh”

  1. Hi Donagh
    Your response to this week’s 100 word challenge is certainly very topical with all the talk of the virus in Ireland and all over the world at the moment. You have used all the words very cleverly and you’ve also left your piece on a very good cliffhanger turning it into a mystery story. I love a good mystery and now I’m wondering what caused the crash and of course I’d love to know what happened next! Well done and keep up the good work.
    Máire O’Keeffe Team 100wc

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