Week 35 Down by the river By Gavin

One day I decided to bring my dog walking in the countryside. His name is Shaggy called after the Scooby Doo movie!

I decided to go down by the river to play catch with him. We walked down alongside the river and my dog was getting very excited when he saw the water.

He was jumping and barking because he saw I had a stick in my hand. I threw the stick in the water and it started to float down the river. He didn’t know if he should jump in or not!! He then started barking….

To be continued.


One thought on “Week 35 Down by the river By Gavin”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Gavin. I could relate to taking an excited dog for a walk along a river. I did wonder if Shaggy ended up jumping in? Thank you for your accurate punctuation- it makes your text easy to read and understand. Not everyone takes care to punctuate. I hope I get to read more of your writing.

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