Week 37 The heist by Brian O.K.

The last day of August was a historic day for the LDJ gang. It was the day I got my hands on an ancient viola worth over 14 million US dollars. Suddenly, the rope I was hanging off of to get into the chinese palace snapped. 1,600 guards pointed swords at me. I searched all around for a quicky escape! I bolted away from danger. I hid behind a gold structure and watched on as the guards ran passed me. I ran out of the palace and into the town as fast as I possibly could. To my horror, the rest of the gang had flew off on a private plane. How unlucky was I!

One thought on “Week 37 The heist by Brian O.K.”

  1. Hi Brian, your writing is fulled with action! I liked how you used descriptive words like bolted and historic. Question, what gave you the idea of a privet plane?
    Molly Cambridge New Zealand

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