Week 37 The Treasure Map By Bryan Q

There was a knock at the door as my friend TJ and I were upstairs playing hide and seek. Immediately we ran downstairs and answered it. We opened the door to find nobody was there. I looked down and noticed a small box with a treasure map inside. We grabbed the map and ran.
We were following the map for almost two hours when TJ slipped on a log and the map fell out of his hands and into the river. At that stage we realised that we were lost.
After a half an hour of walking, we reached the centre of the jungle where we saw a tall, gold temple. We searched the ancient temple and eventually found the viola. We stared at the beautiful object and suddenly we heard voices behind us…

One thought on “Week 37 The Treasure Map By Bryan Q”

  1. Hi Bryan
    Your 1ooWC is really interesting. The word prompts have been used in a normal way which makes it easier to understand. I liked the cliffhanger ending too. Fantastic.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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