Week 5 4 heroes vs 4 statues by Andrei

Once in ancient history there were 4 heroes and 4 statues. They were enemies. They clashed in a war 4 centuries ago. The statues lost but the 4 heroes had to sacrifice themselves. 4 new heroes were born on a planet called earth. The statues went to planet earth to take revenge and to bring chaos on earth. The 4 heroes were too weak to beat the statues so they split up to train. After 5 years they returned the one in the black suit whose name was Gero, the one in the red suit who was named Nagisa, the one in the pink suit was Shizu and the one in the purple suit was named Alis. Suddenly, a new hero arrived and he was in a blue suit. His name was Rimuru and he went to defeat the four statues and they won. The End.