Week 5 The Art Robbers In The USA By Lucas

Once upon a time, there were robbers named Lucas which is me and my friends Jayden and Brian.

We wanted to rob some art. We sorted our getaway driver, Daniel .

So we planned like every good robber does.

We decided to go at night.

Jayden kicked down the door while Brian hacked the cameras and I knocked the guards out.

So we found this big statue that was worth millions of dollars.

But there were lots and lots of lasers surrounding it.

We dodged all of them and we got it, then we went to Daniel.

And escaped.


One thought on “Week 5 The Art Robbers In The USA By Lucas”

  1. Hi Lucas,
    What an amazing story! You really planned your robbery well! I hope the getaway driver was where you hoped he’d be!
    Keep up the great story writing.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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