Week 5 The huge statue vs the cringe spongebob by Daniel

I was in my bed and I heard a loud noise. I got dressed and went to the centre of the town to see what was happening. The huge statue was fighting the cringe SpongeBob. I wanted the cringe SpongeBob to win so I could be taller than the statue for once in my life before the tidy town put the statue where it’s supposed to be. So I started to get closer and closer to see better. The cringe SpongeBob pushed as hard as he could and knocked over the big statue. For once in my life I am taller then the big statue.

The End.

One thought on “Week 5 The huge statue vs the cringe spongebob by Daniel”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Interesting story. What makes you think SpongeBob is so cringy? I’m glad the main character got to feel tall at the end. Good effort, keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Coventry, UK

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