Week 5 The statue that came to life by Bryan Q.

One day, there was a school in the USA. In 2015 a man named Tom Friedman created a statue. It was a very tall statue and it’s head was always looking up. Until this day. The children were playing on yard and a kid aimed but missed and hit the head and the head went flying. That night the kid that hit the head had a sleep over with his four friends. There names were Conor, Adam, David and his name was Luke. They were chatting in Luke’s room. They heard a bang outside and Adam looked out the window. The statue came to life. The kid’s were twelve and and the parents were out the house. The statue was in the house. He found the kids and took them away. Will the kids ever be seen again?


One thought on “Week 5 The statue that came to life by Bryan Q.”

  1. Hi Bryan,
    I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
    Maybe if someone fixed the statue, the children might be returned. I hope so!
    Good work this week.

    Mrs Boyce

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