Week 6 The 1,000,000 tonne emoji by Rian

One day, I was outside in my garden. Suddenly, an emoji landed in my garden. Then I started running. After about ten minutes I found a hiding spot and I hid there for 2 hours. Then when I looked out I saw the emoji on the ground and I went over and tried to lift it but it was heavier then I expected. It woke up and I started running. Then I went to Prof. Horgan’s lab and he left me in. I asked him to make a potion and he gave it to me. I went out and threw it at the emoji and it shrunk and everyone was saved.  THE END.

One thought on “Week 6 The 1,000,000 tonne emoji by Rian”

  1. Hello Rian, I really like the idea of using the emoji in your story. It was good too that you were able to find a solution so everyone was saved. Well done.

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