Week 6 The Museum Robbery By Donagh

So we are undercover, in disguise, because we are the number one criminals in the world. Right now, we are trying to break into a museum. However they have brilliant security so it has been hard to get in and the thing that we are trying to rob is a solid gold statue with gems inside of it. We are going to cut it down and take the gems out of it. 1,2,3 go! We go in and find a forklift and drive that to the statue. They try to stop us but it does not work so I go over to the statue and try to lift it but it was heavier than I expected…

One thought on “Week 6 The Museum Robbery By Donagh”

  1. Hi Donagh,
    I enjoyed reading your story. Well done.
    Oh Oh…I hope you have another plan. Gold is always heavier than it looks.
    Good work this week.

    Mrs Boyce

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