Week 9 The dead clown rises by Rian

It was Hallowe’en night and I was running with my friends. We knocked on a lot of doors. We were having fun and getting treats along the way. Eventually my Mom said, ‘Lads we all have to go across to the grave yard’. While we were walking, I tripped over a grave. It said ‘Penny Wise lies here’. Then we heard a voice. ‘It’s true’, the voice said. Suddenly, the clown rose and it started to chase us. When we got back, we locked the door and my Mom said ‘those clowns have hammers’! I said ‘duck everyone’ and we all crouched down. Scarily, a hammer flew over our heads and the clown jumped though the hole. I kicked his face and he blew up. Then, two pumpkins appeared. One green one and an orange one. The orange one spoke first. ‘Ha it is not over’! THE END.

One thought on “Week 9 The dead clown rises by Rian”

  1. Hi Rian,
    Great story! Very exciting! I like the spooky setting in the graveyard as well as the build up to the climax with little details like “Penny Wise lies here”. I especially liked your inclusion of clowns who I find to be very creepy. The warning from the orange pumpkin implies there is more to come. You could write about what happens next. Keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Coventry, UK

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