Week 9 The Night After Halloween by Joshua

Hi my name is Joshua. It was the night after Halloween. I was full from my sweets and I had two pumpkins, a red one and a orange one. If your wondering how I had a red pumpkin. Well, I painted it red. I fell asleep and I woke up two hours later. The orange one spoke first … He said I’m cooler than the red one. I’m cooler the orange pumpkin replied while getting a minigun. He won oh no the red one got a Rpg and I got a meach rpg. I woke up and said it was all a dream. THE END.

One thought on “Week 9 The Night After Halloween by Joshua”

  1. Hi Joshua,
    I enjoyed reading your story. It made me laugh.
    I think you had too much sugar on Hallowe’en night!
    I was glad it was all a dream.
    Well done.
    Mrs. Boyce.

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