Week 9 Treat or TRICK! By Sam

It was the 28th of October and I was looking at my calendar. My Mom always ticks the dates that are over so it was ticked up to the 27th. But when I was looking at it, the 28th, the 29th and the 30th were all ticked off. Then I heard, DING DONG! That was the doorbell. I went to answer it and they said “Treat or Trick!”. I gave them sweets but I was confused. A blue rift came in front of me and sucked me in! I was in front of a big wooden house with stairs leading up to the door. I walked up them but they crumbled and broke. It seemed as if I was falling for an eternity. I finally landed in something but it was blood. There were two pumpkins. Blue and orange. The orange one spoke first!

One thought on “Week 9 Treat or TRICK! By Sam”

  1. Hi Sam, Well done on a great story! I really like the sentence, “It seemed as if I was falling for an eternity.” Keep up the good work.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

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