WK 17 The Clowns by Jayden

One day I was driving my car and I saw a man on a yellow bike. Then next minute, a rock came and hit the man. Without delay, thousands of clowns came out of the bushes with guns in their hands. Then they picked the man up and tied him to a post and shot him. Then one of the clowns saw me and said ‘get him’. I said ‘OH HELL NO’. I went to the Military Base. I said ‘let me in in, I am getting chased by clowns with guns’. The chief said ‘open the wall’. Then two men came out, took me inside and gave me a gun and a military outfit. I got changed into it. Then the chief said to me, ‘We need to keep Nigeria safe’. The chief told me and the other men to get ready. ‘We all said ok’.